Steve Morgan of the P&A Group of Companies was recently selected by Leadership Management Wales to share his insights into leadership and management, and inspire other local business owners and managers in North East Wales. A number of companies and community groups were invited to the breakfast event at the P&A’s Woodworks Café to learn more about how his multi-divisional company has rapidly expanded over the last seven years and how he continues to motivate and drive his successful team. 

Steve joined a select list of Wales’s finest business leaders taking part in a series of talks organised by LMW, which includes Rachel Clacher, Co-founder and Director of Moneypenny, and William McNamara OBE, CEO of Bluestone. LMW Director, Dr Barrie Kennard, commented on how valuable this event was in understanding how Steve has successfully transformed his business into a multi-divisional profit-making organisation, “Steve provided a valuable insight into the real return on investment of leadership and management development. It was great to see so many local business owners and managers being inspired by his words and understanding the value of good leadership and management in their own roles.”

In 2007, Steve took over the management of The P&A Group Of Companies from his father and, like many starters to the world of business, he had few managerial skills. However, he knew he needed to evolve the organisation to ensure it would stand the test of time. With a thorough understanding of the specific roles within the business, such as manufacturing pallets and timber garden products, he made the crucial decision to step away from everyday production and become the dynamic, trusting and innovative leader he is today. He passionately explained his journey by saying, “I attended some extremely valuable leadership courses run by Learning To Inspire and LMW. This new found knowledge transformed me and my business. I understood the importance of giving a person a task and allowing them to managing it. Giving people responsibility and accountability not only motivates them but gives me time to oversee the entire organisation and establish effective strategies to drive it forward.”

It is not only this significant light bulb moment that has made the P&A Group the thriving organisation it is today; Steve entire persona is genuine and remarkably modest. As driven as he is to expand his business – the company is currently working to achieve an ambitious growth strategy – he understands his people and truly cares about their wellbeing. He is also committed to supporting his local community and gives much of his time to helping others. Not only does he take part in gruelling physical challenges to raise money for charity, such as his Iron Man feat in 2013, he is a mentor for the Caia Park Partnership in Wrexham. He says, “I am fortunate in that I can share my experience and acquired knowledge with others. It is exciting for me to do this and I’m glad it benefits others.”

Leadership Management Wales provides extensive support for private sector businesses operating in Wales. Through the provision of its cutting-edge high level leadership development and training programmes and resources, most organisations see an 80% improvement in performance and 70% business growth. The organisation’s fundamental message encourages business owners and managers to invest in their own skills as a leader for the benefit and success of a company.